Are you feeling disconnected from your partner? Do you find that you can’t communicate or have trouble as a couple with conflict resolution?  Do you have diminished sexual desire and activity level? Do you find that you and your partner are replaying old arguments and resurrecting past hurts? Is resentment and contempt replacing patience and love? Do you feel as though you can’t be yourself around your partner?

If you are experiencing this or any other type of relationship issue, couples counselling can be an effective way to get support in these areas. Counselling can provide a space to discuss your concerns with a third party who can help you identify the negative cycles keeping you as a couple in distress. If you have concerns about your relationship, I would strongly encourage you to seek out a therapist who has experience and specializes in counselling couples; as couples counselling is quite different from individual counselling. 

I have extensive experience working with a variety of couples in private practice and in other professional settings; and have taken additional couples therapy training to help couples in need. I have a passion to help couples reestablish a connection that can ultimately help support each partner through the ups and downs of life. I can help guide you through the process of reestablishing what you would like to move the relationship towards - getting you closer to the love you want. In my experience, the most effective way to work on a relationship is if the couple share a common goal. With a shared goal, a couple can grow together and navigate life’s challenges together. Without it, there is going to be a tendency for a couple to move farther apart. My intention in couples therapy is to help guide the couple to be their best selves in the relationship and ultimately back to connecting with one another. It is okay if you have a hard time coming up with a goal prior to the initial meeting. This would be something we can work towards at the beginning stage of therapy.