Couples Therapy

Yoga + Mindfulness

with Jazmine Juarez - BA, MSW, RYT





Need help working through personal and/or relational issues? I work with individuals to help them move towards living a more intentional and compassionate life.

Couples Therapy

Are you looking for support to help reconnect with your partner? I work with couples to help them be their best selves with one another.

Yoga + Mindfulness

  Are you interested in learning about or enriching your yoga and/or mindfulness practice? Let's explore the benefits of these practices together.     


Have you arrived at my site because you are interested in psychotherapy, yoga, mindfulness or the connection between mind and body. Or perhaps, like me, you connect with and are interested in bringing them together. If you are on the journey to find ways to alleviate stress, emotional difficulties, unhealthy habits, or are you simply looking for ways to feel good within yourself, you have arrived at the right place.

I strongly believe that within all of us there is an innate capacity for healing and transformation. Through my journey as a social worker, yoga instructor, and meditation practitioner, and most of all, as a human being, I have come to realize that each one of us has the ability and tools within us to reach our full potential. However in this day and age, we all have the tendency to think and move quickly through life, and have lost the connection to our inner strength, resilience and peace.

It is my passion to help you awaken and restore your inner potential and to help you move towards illuminating what is most important and meaningful to you and ultimately rediscovering what’s already within you.

Let us lead with our heart and take a journey that leads you back home to your true self.  

Jazmine MSW, RSW, RYT