My Yoga Teacher Training, Costa Rica 2014

My Yoga Teacher Training, Costa Rica 2014

Although I have been practicing yoga for a long time, it took me a while to figure out that yoga was more than just yoga postures. My first thought of yoga was most often tied to yoga classes, yoga sequences, and flexible people.

Once I was able to see yoga as more than just postures, I was able to experience the richness of its effects on and off the mat. I was able to connect to my body through movement, breath and meditation. All of which, encompass yoga.

Yoga is so much more than a stress reliever.

I started to experience the changes in my personal life. The changes manifested both physically, mentally and emotionally. Yoga became a way of being in this world, with myself and with those in my life. Informally, I noticed how it helped me to slow down and be connected with how I was feeling overall and also with how my actions affected those around me. I was able to listen to my emotions and to act accordingly - with kindness and compassion - which transmitted to being able to listen to and be with my loved ones and my clients with compassionate intention.