In working with me, we will combine the practice of mindfulness, breath, sound, movement, and meditation into our sessions. All of which are essential to yoga. The skills that you learn will become your inner resource to help you feel grounded and balanced through life’s ups and downs. In ways, this is a self-care resource to help support you through life’s difficulties as well as help you connect with and live a more rich and full life.

Yoga can be seen as an ancient mind-body therapy. The word itself means “to yoke” or “bring together” - thus, the intention of yoga can be understood as the coming together of the body, the breath and the mind. Other aspects of yoga includes dharana (cultivating our ability to concentrate) and dhyana (meditation). In other words, mindfulness practice ties in to these aspects. 

Mindfulness can be defined as the ability to bring awareness to our moment to moment experience, whether pleasant or unpleasant, with acceptance. When working with clients, mindfulness skills, when practiced formally and informally, can be useful on a day to day basis - from engaging in daily activities in a rich way to being able to work through more difficult life experiences.

Yoga, which in itself includes the practice of mindfulness, is a skill that needs to be practiced consistently overtime in order to experience its true benefits. 


I offer yoga and mindfulness in a variety of ways. Some options include:

  • A stand-alone practice for healing, self-inquiry, personal growth, and general well being

  • A place to develop and support a consistent personal home practice

  • As a means to build a foundational practice if you are just starting out

  • A set of tools to be integrated into talk therapy sessions

  • As an additional practice to general psychotherapy - I can offer support with yoga and mindfulness practice while you continue to meet with your regular therapist