LOCATION: Crystal Tree Yoga Studio 75 Mill Street, Georgetown

Slow Flow - LifeForce Yoga®

Kripalu inspired mindful approach to vinyasa flow to cultivate self-inquiry, compassion, and emotional balance. To begin, we set a heartfelt intention, or sankalpa, and you are guided through a centering practice. Then, we will move through a slow flow, to start focusing inward as you flow into a moving meditation. To bring about emotional balance and the expression of grace, the LifeForce Yoga practices will be beautifully interwoven into the practice.

LifeForce Yoga was developed by Amy Weintraub as a way to work with and manage mood. The LifeForce Yoga class includes sankalpa (intention), bhavana (visualization), asana (postures), pranayama and kriya (breathing and cleansing), mantra and tones (sound), mudra (hand gestures), body and breath awareness, and meditation.

In cultivating emotional balance, permission and modifications are always encouraged throughout the practice.

All Are Welcomed!